Bushel Plus is excited to announce that MAD Concaves (MAD) is now a part of the Bushel Plus family.

“Since the beginning, our emphasis has been on working with farmers to optimize their combines, put more grain in the bin, and subsequently more money in their pocket at harvest,” said Marcel Kringe, CEO and Founder of Bushel Plus. “We believe that MAD Concaves is the perfect fit to continue that work”.

MAD Concaves, founded by Murray Skayman, Alan Armstrong, and Dallas Skayman, are designed to help growers increase yields by eliminating rotor loss

and reducing dockage at harvest. Their innovative designs and ease of use continue to be welcomed by producers across North America.

“I have tremendous respect for the hard work and true craftsmanship that the MAD crew has poured into making the best concaves on the market,” Kringe said. “They identified a problem at harvest and went to work creating solutions that continue to evolve to this day.”

When the MAD Concave team approached Bushel Plus with the opportunity, they felt confident that Bushel Plus shared MAD’s values, making it a great fit.

“We couldn’t be happier because we know that Marcel and the entire Bushel Plus team will continue to put the needs of farmers first,” said Murray Skayman. “Today is the definition of a made-on-the-prairies success story.”

Murray and Alan will continue to play an important role in supporting MAD Concaves as a part of the Bushel Plus team. MAD Concaves joins the Mini Combine and Bushel Plus Drop Pan System under one banner, focused on providing solutions to ensure harvest optimization. To learn more about Bushel Plus MAD Concaves, visit https://bushelplus.ca/madconcaves/.

The acquisition coincides with an investment from the Forage Capital Ag & Food Business Solutions Fund. The investment will fuel Bushel Plus’s fast pace for new product innovation and development, allowing more research in different geographical locations and on various crops. This continued innovation will give farmers and retailers more access to a broader range of products designed to increase harvest efficiency, minimize harvest loss, and maximize profitability. To learn more about this investment, click here.

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