A portable electric device for taking samples of wheat, barley, canola, sorghum, oats, soya, peas, field beans, and flax.

This self-contained unit comes with 4 interchangeable concaves (no tools required), a lithium-ion battery and a variable-speed brushless motor.

Samples collected are identical to a combine giving you the perfect sample size for moisture content tests and quality analysis.


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1. Organization

The MiniCombine frees up manpower and equipment, allows sites to be organized more efficiently. You can easily select which parts of the crop are ready to harvest whilst the combine is already harvesting.

2. Savings

Unlike your combine, The MiniCombine is powered by a rechargeable battery and only takes the amount of grain needed for analysis, lowering sampling cost.

3. Reliability

The samples taken are identical to those taken with your combine.

4. Safety

Using The MiniCombine reduces the need to move heavy agricultural machinery around and reduces the risks of travelling on the open road.

5. Lightweight

Made of ABS The MiniCombine weighs just 3.3 kg or 7.3 pounds, and is protected by a high-quality flight case. It can be carried easily in the back of any truck.

It takes less than 5 minutes to take a 500 gram sample.

Wasted time and money is a thing of the past with the Bushel Plus MiniCombine™.

An equation with serious consequences…

+62 Lbs CO2    /    CO2 < 0.18 Oz

1 harvester with its header

+ 1 tractor/truck + trailer
+ 1 vehicle to pull header wagon
+ 3 drivers
= 13.2 gal/h of fuel consumed + 3 people mobilized for 11 lbs of samples collected!

Cost? Security? Wasted time and energy?

With oil at over $80 USD a barrel, a solution had to be found!

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