“Happy customers are what drives us! Our customers are like family to us. We know the hard work and risk they are putting in every day and we pay them our highest respect. We love to work with our customers and are looking forward to making many more great relationships with hard working people around the world.”
Marcel & Chris

We make your farming easier, safer and more profitable!

A Passion for Farming and Technology

Marcel and Chris, the owners of Bushel Plus are based in Brandon, MB. Born and raised on a mixed farm in Germany, Marcel has spent a large amount of time in and around farm equipment. His background in Ag Engineering and Agronomy means he is always thinking about agriculture and how to solve the challenges ahead.

While working as an Agronomist around the world, Marcel kept seeing large amounts of wasted grain; grain that farmers worked so hard to grow.  But this waste wasn’t from poor storage or excess moisture, it was from the very equipment meant to capture it: the combine.  He began thinking about ways to make harvesting more efficient. He joined forces with some of the top harvest specialists in the world and kept refining his designs.  After building his early prototypes in the evenings and weekends, Marcel left his job, jumping headlong into his creations and founding Bushel Plus.

Chris has been an entrepreneur most of his life.  Some of you might remember “the guy with the cow cams”, well that’s him. His business motto with his previous company was: “We make your farming easier, safer and more profitable!”

And guess what, when he joined Bushel Plus full time in 2018, he could proudly keep this promise with his new endeavor. The passion and drive to bring the latest and best technology to his customers is something you will always see to shine through when talking to Chris.

Who We Are - Bushel Plus Team
Marcel and Chris

Meet the Team


Chris van Meijl… but you can call him Dutch!  –  Sales and Product Support

Dutch is our Sales Administrator which involves him working with our dealers in Ontario, Manitoba and southern Saskatchewan. He answers inquiries through our website and you will see him at trade shows. He grew up on an 850 acre grain farm in Rapid City and has always taken a liking to the AG industry. Once he saw an opportunity to help keep farmers safe and make them money, he knew the position was right for him!


Neil Smith – Dealer Account Manager

Since 2007 – when Neil became immersed in the Agriculture industry – he was entrusted to help startups, owner/operator farm companies, businesses & enterprise organizations grow.

Oftentimes seeing great year-over-year growth rates, the incredible teams he has help lead and had the privilege to work alongside valued their relationship for the intriguing possibilities and partnership Neil brought to the table. People say Neil is not only a highly motivated Ag focused business consultant but also a coach & advisor that holds individuals accountable for being better people, business owners, and operating a growing business.

Holding three passports, having grown up in Whistler, Canada, and immersed in multiculturalism from a young age, Neil is your 007 Bushel Plus specialist!

When he says you’ll make miracles happen? He means it.

  • A leader, advisor, and catalyst focused on helping others improve, perform, and grow.
  • Deep experience bringing practical to profound business transformations and breakthrough improvements in performance.
  • Known for an inspiring style that engages leaders and teams.
  • Deep passion for all things Agriculture

Whatever project Neil is working on, his primary motivations are the triple-bottom-line: people, planet, profit.

Ask Neil what his favorite Bushel Plus experience is next time you meet him!

We are excited to have Neil join our team as our Dealer Manager with key responsibilities in BC, AB, SK and some of our International Channels.


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