Two Prairie Businesses Come Together as Bushel Plus Acquires MAD Concaves

Bushel Plus is excited to announce that MAD Concaves (MAD) is now a part of the Bushel Plus family. “Since the beginning, our emphasis has been on working with farmers to optimize their combines, put more grain in the bin, and subsequently more money in their pocket at harvest,” said Marcel Kringe, CEO and Founder…

New Investment in Bushel Plus Fuels Exciting Growth

New investment in BushelPlus is fuelling the company’s strategic direction to provide farmers with more innovative technology, products, services and systems.

Better Farming – Profile Article

Marcel Kringe’s background in Ag Engineering and Agronomy means he is always thinking about agriculture and solving the challenges ahead. Marcel created the Bushel Plus integrated drop pan system to help combine operators safely and efficiently check and quantify what is being lost from the combine during harvest. Read more here.

Product Catalogue

What products do we offer in the Bushel Plus catalogue.