Swapping out traditional round wire combine concaves for our innovative bar-and-grate style modular MAD Concaves™ results in more efficient threshing, getting your grain out of the head and into the hopper quicker for decreased rotor loss and less dockage. This means higher quality crops and more money in your pocket.

Our fast and easy-to-change modular designs allow you to quickly swap out inserts in minutes, making it way easier to customize your concaves to your crop for the best results possible. Plus, you’ll save valuable time, which is critical in a busy harvest season. 

Download a PDF version of the MAD Concaves Configuration Guide for John Deere STS/S Series Combines.

Standard MAD Concaves John Deere Set Up for STS & S Series Combines

Available for S and STS Series combines.

The numbers .225, .300, and .375 represent the measurement of the gap between the bar; the gap being .225 of an inch for example.

Wheat, Flax, Durum

Canola, Peas, Corn, Soybeans, Barley & Oats

Additional Information & Quick Tips

  • For hard thresh canola, insert .375 in position 1 and Finger Grates in position 2
  • Finger Grates, Round Bar, and Slotted concaves are available for certain crops and conditions

MAD Concaves Configuration & Combine Settings Guide for John Deere STS & S Series


Get the value & results you’re looking for out of your concaves with durable, long-lasting MAD Concaves for John Deere X9 combines.

  • Built to last with AR-200 Steel
  • Grate spacings designed for aggressive threshing and better results – customizable to the crop and conditions

Download a PDF version of the configuration and combine settings guide for John Deere X9 MAD Concaves.

Standard MAD Concaves John Deere X9 Set Up

MAD Concaves Configuration & Combine Settings Guide for John Deere X9