It pays for itself!

If you don’t check, you don’t know what you are losing!

These are the most heard answers from customers and it fills us with pride.

Multiple combine manufacturers and dealers have incorporated our Bushel Plus System in their internal training, customer combine clinics and prototype testing. They trust the system in the field.

Why should you be checking for loss? All year you have put all the hard work and risk into growing this crop on your farm. Your yield is paying the bills and that’s why you want as much grain in the bin and less wasted in the field. All of us calibrate our airseeders and planters in the spring, we should also check and calibrate our harvest equipment when bringing in our yearly profits.

We have been working on the best and most efficient design of combine drop pan systems. Let’s face it, if it’s not fast and easy, you won’t do it!? Especially when it’s harvest time and every minute that combine is standing still, feels like hours. Trust us we know how that feels!

Savings from farmers have been reported anywhere from 2 to >10%. Just imagine harvesting and selling that much more grain because you have spent a few minutes every day to check your combine harvest loss.

One System – 4 simple steps to save you $10,000’s and more!

From putting it on the machine, to remote release, cleaning your sample and easy calculations. It’s all in one system.

See for yourself why Bushel Plus is the ultimate grain loss measurement system!

Customer Testimonials