Innovative Patented Technology

Our patented system is the only one where the drop pan is protected by a cover while riding underneath the machine. Why? Because you don’t want any kernels or chaff filling up your sample drop pan before it hits the ground. You want a true and accurate sample from that one spot where you want to measure.

Powerful permanent magnets attach the main pan / carrier unit (1) to the machine. This main pan stays on the machine for testing, nested inside this main pan you carry one of two different style drop pans (2). This drop pan can be released on the go, by a remote control while the combine is harvesting.

Attaches to any Equipment!
Bushel Plus is so EASY!

Fast, Effective Sample Cleaning

Cleaning your sample – Instead of wasting valuable time with sieves or your own breath, we supply our air separator with variable air speed in every set. This allows you to clean your sample within seconds compared to minutes wasted in the field. It will blow your mind, just as well as it blows the chaff and straw away from your grain kernels.

“Using sieves in the past took us easily 20min and more. The separator is a must have tool for us now.” Ian, Katanning – Australia

Air Separator - Updated for 2019

Precision Measurement

To put a number to your measured sample, we do supply you with a high quality field scale. Measure the weight of the grain and use our print guides or the NEW APP for easy calculations. Dropping or spreading the straw, using chaff carts or seed destructors, our scenario based calculations will help you to put the loss in perspective. The APP calculates in Metric and Imperial and even let’s you save your machine and crop settings in your records.

Share your results with your drivers, team and friends by messenger or email. Access combine tips created from PAMI and the Canola Council of Canada to fine tune your settings.

Narrow Drop Pan

The 40 & 60” systems come with a narrow drop pan included. This works great for taller stubble conditions, like straight cut canola, hemp, corn and grain harvested with a stripper header.

The design of the narrow drop pan splits the stubble as it falls in between and can prevent the pan from tipping over. Stubble conditions are different in every field and every year, that’s why both style pans are included in the system. You always have the option to use either one on your farm.

Narrow Drop Pan

What's Included in the Set

  • Carrier Unit (attaches to the combine)
  • Canola/Cereal Drop Pan (large pan)
  • Canola/Long Stubble Drop Pan (small pan)
  • Separator
  • Scale
  • Smart Charger
  • Two remote controls / Transmitters with safety lanyard
  • User Manual for your Bushel Plus Set (not shown)
  • Reference Guides (not shown)
  • Free access to the APP
Bushel Plus System - Complete Set

More than just a Drop Pan!

Utilize the tray and air separator to take a moisture and quality sample from the field, without taking the combine out – saving you time and money!

Shake a sample in the tray, clean it with the air separator and take a moisture and quality test within a couple minutes.

Taking a field sample


Drop or spread your straw for testing? We help you with both!

  • We give you the option to check in both scenarios.
  • Attach the system to multiple locations on combine or header for different crop and stubble conditions.
  • Check your loss the way you combine.

The Flagship

40” – 1m

Our most popular system! Reason is, it’s a very handy size to carry around in your pick up or grain truck — perfect when working with a lot of different combines.

It’s light weight to handle and it will fit on various different spots on the combine, for example on a wide body machine it will fit great beneath the feeder house which helps you to drop the pan in higher stubble conditions (straight cut canola, hemp, stripper front, etc). Also older or smaller combines with less room around the back axle have a great fit for this. The size is large enough to catch a representative sample to reduce your loss by testing in the same spots and compare results.

The Wide Setup

60” – 1.5m

If you are a fan of dropping straw when checking your loss and want to catch a sample from the entire width of your sieves or operate with a chaff cart then this is the fit for you.

Best to place underneath the combine or back axle and depending on your header, also to the sides of the header.

Bushel Plus Mini / Chaff Deck Version

20” – 0.5m

At first, we designed this version for our friends in Australia to use with a Chaff Deck attached to a combine. We have found this drop pan helpful with plot combines and measuring harvest loss off the chaff spreader, when we drop this one off the header, towards the side of the machine.

  • Plot and research combines
  • Corn harvest with 30″ rows
  • ELMAR Chaff Deck

Ready to optimize your operation? Get Bushel Plus.