Easy - Informative - Quick

The Bushel Plus Grain Shaker Box helps you to check a sample of your grain for quality and cracked kernels within seconds. No matter where you are – in the cab of the combine or at the augers of the grain dryer – this tool lets you check any size seed for cracks or quality.

Don’t lose money on bad grain or seed quality due to poor settings on the combine that can be avoided. Our Shaker box is inexpensive, easy to use and provides valuable information to grain growers as well as quality seed growers alike. Very well suited for checking your new concave set up.

The Shaker box is designed for a full view of what the kernels look like.

We supply 5 different slotted plates so it can be used in a variety of crops (kernel size) and you can mix and match to meet your needs. Very fast quality assessment of a grain sample (splits, cracks, fusarium, dockage, white heads, etc.) from the hopper, grain cart or before/after auger check up, etc.

Use it for: rice, cereals, canola, sesame, corn, soybeans, lupins, you name it.