Thank you for choosing Bushel Plus MAD Concaves™!

We understand the issues farmers face when it comes to rotor loss, grain quality, and the difficult process of installing and removing heavy, awkward concaves – we’ve been there!

MAD Concaves are designed by farmers for farmers. We define success as helping you achieve the highest levels of yield and quality possible, while increasing your efficiency and profitability through our innovative concaves.

Our support portal is designed to answer any questions you may have, help you with a seamless installation process, and to avoid or resolve some potential issues for a better experience with our products. As always, if you have any questions that aren’t answered here, you can also reach out to your local Bushel Plus dealer for product support.

Can’t find a local dealer? Our team is also available to assist you.

Informational Videos


Installation Guides

New Holland

MAD Concaves split frame and concave inserts Installation Walk-through for New Holland Combines
MAD Concaves Installation Guide for New Holland Combines

John Deere

MAD Concaves Installation Guide – John Deere STS/S Series Combines
MAD Concaves Installation Guide – John Deere X9 Combines

Case IH

MAD Concaves Install Guide for CASE IH Flagship Combines
MAD Concaves Install Guide for CASE IH 88 Series Combines

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the advantages of MAD Concaves?

MAD Concaves offer several benefits, including: 

  • Improved threshing and separation: The multiple angle and dimple design of MAD Concaves optimizes crop flow, leading to better threshing and separating performance.  
  • Reduced grain damage, preserving grain quality and maximizing yield potential.  
  • Enhanced harvesting efficiency: save time during the critical harvest season with our easy-to-change modular systems.  

What is the difference between MAD Concaves and wire concaves?

MAD Concaves are innovative bar-and-grate style modular concaves and offer several advantages over traditional wire concaves. The key differences include:  

  1. Threshing & separation: MAD Concaves provide enhanced threshing and separation performance compared to wire concaves. The adjustable concave bar design and multi-zone threshing system optimize the threshing process, resulting in improved grain quality and reduced grain losses.  
  1. Customization: MAD Concaves offer adjustable settings, allowing you to tailor the concave configuration to specific crop types and conditions. This customization ensures optimal performance and maximizes harvesting efficiency. 
  1. Durability: MAD Concaves are built with high-quality AR-200 metal and undergo rigorous testing to ensure longevity. They are designed to withstand the demands of modern harvesting operations and provide reliable performance throughout the season.  

Can I install MAD Concaves myself?

Yes, you can install MAD Concaves yourself exercising care and caution if you are comfortable changing concaves. The concaves are designed for easy installation and can be installed using standard tools.

  • Ensure proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn at all times. This includes CSA approved steel-toe boots, gloves, goggles, pants, and a long sleeve shirt.
  • Refer to the manufacturer’s operation and service manuals for information on specific calibration and installation/removal procedures.
  • When removing and installing concaves, ensure proper lifting techniques are used.

What is the product warranty on MAD Concaves

We have a 12-month manufacturer guarantee against all defects in materials and workmanship; excluding damage from foreign objects and normal wear of operation.

Can I change the configuration of Bushel Plus MAD Concaves to better suit my crop/condition? 

Yes, Bushel Plus MAD Concaves offer interchangeable inserts that can be swapped out in minutes. The concave inserts can be replaced to suit different crop types and harvesting conditions. This allows you to customize the concave configuration for optimal combine performance and grain quality. Refer to our website for our suggested configuration, based on experience in the field, for the best combination for your crops and conditions. 

Why would I want to change my concaves with this system instead of getting a “one concave for all crops” system?

The issue with the “one concave fits all” concept is that one concave configuration does not harvest every crop optimally, there will be wasted crops. At Bushel Plus, want to make sure that each crop is being harvested in its most efficient form the least amount of waste as possible. That way, you end up with more money in your pockets. By creating a a design that makes changing concaves fast and easy to swap in and out for different crops, we eliminate the inconvenience of swapping concaves to get the best results.

How do I know which configuration is best suited for my crop and conditions? 

Bushel Plus MAD Concaves were invented by experts who have tested and perfected the product on their own farms as well as many farms around the world with different conditions. With this, Bushel Plus provides guidance on the best configuration for your specific crop and conditions, based on the summation of this experience. On our website, you can find resources such as crop-specific performance guides and configurations. 

John Deere Configuration & Settings Guide

Case IH Configurations & Settings Guide

New Holland Configuration & Settings Guide  

Do MAD Concaves require any special maintenance?

Bushel Plus MAD Concaves do not require any special maintenance beyond regular cleaning. It’s recommended to remove debris and residue from the concaves periodically to ensure optimal performance.

Once the threshing bars of the concave become worn down to less than 4-5mm in height, threshing performance decreases and we recommend replacing concave inserts. Please note, wear and tear on concaves in dependent on conditions and how tough the crop is to thresh.

Refer to the manufacturer’s operation and service manuals for information on specific calibration, installation/removal and maintenance procedures.

How do I change the concaves for my combine and how long does it take, how hard is it? 

Our modular bar-and-grate style systems make it easier to change concaves than other systems on the market. By making the switch to MAD Concaves, you only need to install and calibrate the frames in each position once. Then switching concaves means you only need to swap out much smaller, and easier to handle 30-pound inserts.

The concaves are designed as direct replacements for OEM concaves, ensuring easy installation. While the exact steps may vary depending on your combine model, the process typically involves removing the old concaves and replacing them with the Bushel Plus MAD concaves. It is recommended to consult the product manual or installation instructions provided by Bushel Plus for specific guidance and to refer . The time required for the installation may vary depending on your previous experience and familiarity with the process, but it generally takes a few hours. The difficulty level can vary based on your mechanical skills and combine knowledge, but with proper instructions the installation should be manageable for most users. 

Are MAD Concaves compatible with New Holland Combines?

Yes, Bushel Plus MAD Concaves are available for CR Series, Large Rotor New Holland combine models. By installing this modular concave system, you can enhance the threshing and separating performance of your New Holland combine, leading to better grain quality and increased harvesting capacity while making the process of changing concaves easier to save valuable time.

  • All 22” CR twin rotor combines

Note: machines build in year “2012” can be harder to get the concave frame into position at installation due to an issue with the latch. If you have 2012 machines, contact us for more information.

Are MAD Concaves compatible with Case IH combines?

Yes, Bushel Plus MAD Concaves are designed to fit specific Case IH 88 Series and Flagship models. These concaves are engineered to optimize threshing and separating efficiency, resulting in improved grain quality and higher harvesting productivity.

All flagship models released after their  “8010 combine”, which was released in the year of 2004/2005 ish.  (concaves only, no frames needed)

“Older CASE series”: 1680, 1688, 2188, 2388, 2588, 7088, 7130 and 7140 (needs our special “MAD 88 splitframe”, which fits our JD concave inserts)


Are MAD Concaves compatible with John Deere combines?

Yes, Bushel Plus MAD Concaves are available for various John Deere combine models: STS Series, S-Series and X-series. They are engineered to fit seamlessly and replace the OEM concaves, providing enhanced threshing and separation capabilities for improved crop performance. 

John Deere

STS 9650, 9750, 9660, 9760, 9860, 9670, 9770, 9870

S650, S660, S670, S680, S690, S760, S770, S780, S790

X9 all models (concaves only, no frames needed)

Why can’t I use a MAD Concaves split frame in the third position for John Deere STS & S Series?

The third position has a cross bar blocking the third position from having enough space to maneuver the concave inserts.

In addition, the grain augers beneath the concaves are held up by a frame which would be in the way of the bottom of the split frame in this third position. Our one piece concave has a different design on the bottom and clears the described frame of the augers when adjusting the concave opening.

Are there specific concave inserts that are better suited for certain crops?

Yes, the .225 insert is for hard threshing crops, while the .300 insert is built for easier to thresh crops. The .375 is very versatile and could potentially be left in for all crops, the .435 is for chickpeas, the finger grates reduces over threshing and get the most grain out. Lastly, the slotted grates are for shatter resistant canola or any other delicate crop where germination is a concern. The Alfalfa concave is specifically designed for alfalfa sprouts and is the only concave design on the market made specifically for alfalfa.  

Can I use Bushel Plus MAD Concaves in combination with other aftermarket accessories or modifications? 

Yes, in certain cases, Bushel Plus MAD Concaves can be used with OEM parts and concaves. Bushel Plus MAD Concaves aim to get 90% of threshing done in the first 2 positions. Because the threshing is done upfront, you can leave the third position OEM one-piece in place for John Deere models.

In addition, when installing MAD Concaves for John Deere, please keep your existing hardware (bolts, etc.), as you will use that same hardware to install your new MAD Concaves.

Does Bushel Plus offer a “one concave fits all” configuration?

Like most of our competitors, we do have very versatile concaves that can be left in for most crops, such as finger grates and the .375. The issue with the “one concave fits all” concept is that one concave configuration does not harvest every crop optimally; there will be wasted crops. At Bushel Plus, want to make sure that each crop is being harvested in its most efficient form the least amount of waste as possible.  By creating a a design that makes changing concaves fast and easy to swap in and out for different crops, we eliminate the inconvenience of swapping concaves to get the best results.

That way, you can still make efficient use of your time, optimize your operations, and put more money in your pockets.

What do numbers like 225, 300, 375, … mean when referencing your different concaves? 

This number refers to the spacing between the vertical bars. For example, the .225 concave insert has a gap of 0.225 inches in between its vertical bars. The tighter the gap, the more aggressive threshing the concave will do.