I saw Bushel Plus put over $100/acre back into a grower’s pocket after using the Bushel Plus SmartPan system. The grower was shocked when he realized how much grain he was throwing out the back of the combine. We made the appropriate adjustments and were much more profitable for the rest of harvest.


The entire set has paid for itself many times over and saved us a lot of money and time!

Manfred GrossFort Vermilion, AB

Very accurate and easy to use. Combine losses varied from 0.4bu to 9bu/ac. The easiest way I have improved a farmers bottom line.

Jeff SmithCrop Consultant, Choiceland, SK

It’s so easy to use even my kids can do it!

Melissa DamianiAgronomist and Farmer Rimbey, AB

The set comes with all the tools needed for the task. From measurement, cleaning to calculating. We saved 1 to 3 bu/ac, that´s 11 to$33/ac! Well worth the product cost and the few minutes it takes to test harvest losses!

Dan Jan FarmsElm Creek, MB

This system makes my job a whole lot simpler, not to mention safer and cleaner. Able to use it on multiple combines and get immediate results. The covered design I see as a must for sample integrity.

Daniel LabossiereNH Product Specialist Mazergroup, NA