We raise wheat, canola, flax, soybeans and sunflowers. The factory concaves on my New Holland combines were large and heavy which meant for me to change them, I had to find one or two other people to help, and the process took over an hour for each machine. With the Bushel Plus MAD Concaves, I can have both machines changed over in about 30 minutes with no extra help needed. Not only does this save time and a backache, but I can also get the combine set properly in changing conditions instead of just say it’s good enough with the old concaves. We’ve also seen a cleaner sample and picked up speed in the field over the factory concaves making these a no-brainer to run.

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Amanda KoppMAD Concaves operator - North Dakota, USA

We demo’d a set of O-Grates in an X9 this fall in both soybeans and corn. We found it noticeably easier to get a high-quality sample than with competitive concaves and picked up ground speed while achieving near zero yield loss. Amazing! We have already ordered O-Grates for all our machines next fall. 

Travis HughesO-Grate MAD Concave operator - South Dakota, USA

Really clean sample. Was able to run our John Deere S780 combine to full engine load with 45-foot head in beans. Not common.

Heath FoiekO-Grate MAD Concave operator - Platte, South Dakota

We love them! They are a lot lighter and easier to deal with than the stock concaves, they’re amazing.

Brent FastTurtle Lake, ND

Love em, absolutely love em, people ask about them and I’d do it again in a heart beat.

Jeff EllweinHazen, ND

They are excellent, super quick to change between crops, they do a better job than factory ones. I brag about them to everybody.

Eric EvansonColeharbor, ND

We all like them, I bought a set, my neighbors, we really like them a lot! We like the small grain concaves, the fingers. Easy for us old guys to change in and out. My fingers were clogging up, Murray told me to switch them around, and that worked great.

 Daniel ErickstadWebster, ND