MAD Concaves™ are innovative bar-and-grate style concaves that increase your harvest capacity, speed and efficiency.

Each is designed to be durable and aggressive with larger grate openings customized to each crop, reducing dockage and rotor loss, improving your crop quality and helping you save fuel.


The split-frame MAD Concaves™ for Case IH® 88 Series, John Deere® S/STS and New Holland® combines give you even greater control, flexibility and harvest efficiency.


Their modular frames are installed permanently while smaller, lighter concave inserts are quickly slid in and switched using two simple bolts. Thanks to this innovative design, you or any farm operator can easily change concave configurations in minutes, getting the most out of each crop without spending hours on installing a new concave and recalibrating the combine.




Maximize your combine performance and efficiency with our new O-Grate concaves (patent pending).



Why the O-Grate Concave is a Game-Changer:

Increase Throughput & Capacity

Designed to optimize the flow of corn, soybeans, and milo through your combine, the O-Grate concave significantly increases throughput and capacity. This means you can cover more ground in less time, making your harvesting operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Improve Sample Quality

The precision engineering of the O-Grate ensures cleaner, more uniform samples of corn, soybeans, and milo. Better sample quality = more profitable yields!

Minimize Grain Loss

Grain loss during harvesting can significantly impact profitability. The O-Grate concave minimizes grain loss by ensuring that more of the crop makes it into the hopper. This means more product to sell and less waste, directly contributing to your bottom line.

Maximize Your Profits

By increasing throughput, improving sample quality, and minimizing grain loss, the O-Grate concave helps maximize your profits. More efficiency and higher quality result means more money in your pocket!

“We demo’d a set of O-Grates in an X9 this fall in both soybeans and corn. We found it noticeably easier to get a high-quality sample than with competitive concaves and picked up ground speed while achieving near zero yield loss. Amazing! We have already ordered O-Grates for all our machines next fall. ”

Travis Hughes

South Dakota, USA

Customer Demo Reviews

Crop Type: Beans
Really clean sample. Was able to run our John Deere S780 combine tofull engine load with 45 foot head. Not common.
Heath Foiek
Platte, South Dakota
Crop Type: Corn
Perfect sample.
Heath Foiek
Platte, South Dakota

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