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Our innovative bar-and-grate style modular and one piece MAD Concaves are built to last from AR200 metal, allowing for longer wear and sharpness. Their easy-to-change design allows you to customize your combine to the crop with different precision grate spacings. Our concaves are fit for every combine and every crop type. From alfalfa to chickpeas, MAD Concaves take the hassle out of changing concaves so you feel comfortable switching them out to get the best crop results during harvest. For more information on MAD Concaves, click here.


The numbers .225, .300, .375, .437 represent the measurement of the gap between the bar; the gap being .225 of an inch.

For more information on the right configuration for your crop, scroll down to view our John Deere, New Holland, and CASE IH configuration guides.

Bushel Plus MAD Concaves .225 concave for front position, wheat, flax, canary seed

.225 Concave

  • Front position
  • Reduce dockage
  • Hard thresh crops
  • Wheat, flax, canary seed
Bushel Plus MAD Concaves .300 concave for front position, large easy-thresh cereals

.300 Concave

  • Front position
  • Allows more seed out of concave reducing rotor loss
  • Large easy thresh cereals
Bushel Plus MAD Concaves .375 concave for all crops

.375 Concave

  • Mostly second position but used in front position for large cereal crops that need some threshing
  • All crops
Bushel Plus MAD Concaves .435 concave

.435 Concave

  • First and second position
  • Very easy thresh crops like hemp
  • Very large seed crops, chickpeas, faba beans
Bushel Plus MAD Concaves Finger Grate Concave

Finger Grate Concave

  • Front position
  • New design for shatter resistant canola
  • Minimal threshing
  • Increased separation
  • Canola, peas, barley, oats, sunflower, corn, and soybeans
Bushel Plus MAD Concave Slotted Concave

Slotted Concave

  • Front position
  • No threshing, full separation
  • No cracking
  • Edible beans, canola, sunflower
Bushel Plus MAD Concaves Alfalfa Concave Special Design

Alfalfa Concave

  • Both positions
  • Specially designed
Bushel Plus MAD Concaves Round Bar Concave for both positions, full separation

Round Bar Concave

  • Both positions
  • Full separation


The new split frame MAD concaves with modular inserts, for John Deere and New Holland, was developed to be lighter (68lbs) and easier to handle and install into the combine.  Once  the frame is installed it is never removed, and the modular concaves (30lbs) are easy to insert and quick to swap out in mere minutes with two bolts per insert.  This design optimizes your yield and saves on people power and recalibration time.

Bushel Plus MAD Concaves New Holland Split Frame

New Holland split frame concave with interchangeable modular inserts.

Bushel Plus MAD Concaves S Series John Deere Split Frame

S Series John Deere split frame concave with interchangeable modular inserts.


Crop-tested and verified. Patent-pending.

Bushel Plus MAD Concaves .225 John Deere X9 Concave

.225 X9 Concave

Bushel Plus MAD Concaves .435 John Deere X9 Concave

.435 X9 Concave


View our MAD Concaves configuration guides to learn more about what concaves you need for your crop and combine. Already have MAD Concaves? View our suggested combine settings guides.

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